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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pet Portrait in Pastel-"Cloe"

As in many offices, a coworker, Julia, at my "day-job" has snapshots of her pet posted at her desk. There was one I always admired, as it seemed to capture the sweet personality of the dog. I finally felt like I had the skill to attempt to interpret the photo into a pastel painting. I asked to borrow the photo, as well as another one that better showed the coloring of the dog, so that I could paint it. I'm not sure Julia knew what to expect in a "painting" of her beloved pet by a coworker, but she was very pleased when I presented the finished portrait for her to see.

A painted portrait is more that a picture on the wall-it's art. (Thanks, Julie G. for letting me use your quote!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Art in Paris

A trip to Paris! What an event for a painter! The city itself is fabulously beautiful, even the food is beautiful.  The highlights of my "musee" visits were paintings by the Impressionists and pastels by various painters. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to see pastel portraits by Quentin de la Tour, quite a popular portraitist in the 1700's.  And true to pastel work, the paintings were as fresh and colorful as the day they were painted. I soaked up what I could from paintings by Degas and Cassatt. Seeing the original is truing being with it. You can stand back, get up close, see the marks, experience the light and mood.Too many paintings, not enough time!
A bientot!