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Friday, March 19, 2010

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Every 10 years the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has an exhibit of art by Minnesotans. I was able to submit a painting this year, and went to see the show last week end. What an interesting event! Literally
thousands of artworks are exhibited in several rooms of the Institute.
It was fun to enjoy all the variety
and to find my own painting.
Which one here do you think is mine?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moon over an Island

Imagine standing on a frozen lake under the full moon, painting! I had the chance this winter at art camp, and finished this painting. The island is so small it's called "Mouse Island". The moon lit the snow beautifully! And the silence was amazing, with the clear sky, deep snow, and no wind.

The painting is pastel, 8x10.

Winter Paint Out and Camp!

I was excited to go on this "camping" trip. It turned out to be a wonderful experience! Sponsored by the Grand Marais Art Colony and held at beautiful Camp Menogyn on West Bearskin Lake, the weather cooperated beautifully, the surroundings were stunning, and the company of fellow artists in the lodge was inspiring. Meals were provided, so I was able to go out after my post-breakfast tea, and paint until noon, head in when the meal bell rang, then back out until the dinner bell. The weather was lovely enough to go out after dinner one night and paint under the full moon.

Thank you to Jay Steinke for sharing his beautiful photographs of the adventure.