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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gramma's Bowls

When I started this series of paintings, I did it because I liked the look of the bowls. But it turns out that these bowls are much more than something nice to look at. Since the series has been exhibited it seems that everyone's grandmother had bowls like these. Yellow-ware, green window pane, with and without stripes, some with spatters. Which helps explain how enthusiastically people have responded to the exhibit. 

See more photos of the bowl paintings on my Facebook page!

I was fun listening to the stories at the reception. What did YOUR grandmother have? Share your story with me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Antique Ceramic Bowls

A woman I know has a fine collection of bowls that were her grandmother's. I was admiring them one day, and asked if I could borrow some to use in paintings. I selected three. I took them to my studio, set them up, moved them around, added other props, and started painting. The first one turned out beautifully, so I tried another. Then another. Then, how about one in oil rather than my usual pastel? Soon I had a collection of very nice paintings. I took them up to Ely to show the grandma and her family. They all really enjoyed the paintings. I am now able to share them with every one! The paintings will be in an exhibit :

Gramma's Bowls
Just for the Season Gallery
Holiday Center Downtown Duluth

March 24- April 25

Artist Reception 
Thursday March 26
5-7 pm.