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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Portrait that's not a Face

While viewing photos of a new baby I was stopped by one of little feet. How cute were these!? Irresistible - they had to be painted. I hadn't gotten a baby gift yet for the new parents, and I thought they'd enjoy a painting of their little daughter. I got to work, wrapped it, and gave it to the mother. And yes, mom says, the painting is much enjoyed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art as gifts

It has been my pleasure to enrich the lives of a number of people lately - my paintings have been given as gifts for special occasions. The events included birthdays, wedding anniversaries, new baby, and (my favorite - husband points all over this one!) Honey, I thought of you today. Some of the paintings were commissions, others were chosen for the special meaning they have for the recipient. Commissions included loved ones, both human and pets, which are paintings that are treasured by all. Landscape paintings were chosen because they evoke fond memories of places and events whenever the painting is viewed. I expect recipients of these gifts to be happy, but an unexpected benefit is to see how happy the gift giver is for these events. Someone who gives the gift of art knows that the gift will be like no other, and it is truly from and to the heart: from me, the creator, through the giver, to the receiver. Thank you to all whose lives have been enhanced and who have done so for mine, too.