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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It took a little trudging through the snow to get to this tree, but I was interested in it. I like the twisty trunk, the reaching branches, and the way the winter sun illuminates the scene. And I think the name fits it just right! 9x12 Pastel on Wallis paper.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wintry Field

There was a slide of this scene in my stash of reference materials for many years. Barns always interest me, and the corn stalks peeking through the snow kept the scene feeling warm. But could I pull off the rolling field and the kiss of frost on the trees? I started with a 6x8 inch study. That worked, so I then went for 9x18, on the large size for me. The snow is multicolored, and there are touches of red to keep it lively. Enjoy. Pastel.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Spruce

These trees are in my neighbor's front yard, and I get to see them every day. They have grown so much since we moved into our house. They change with the time of day, the light, and the seasons. Here they are in their winter finery.

The painting is a mini, 4x6 inches. It has been popular as a note card.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lyceum Theater Lives On.

It is sometimes unfortunate when beautiful old buildings are demolished before their time. Such was the fate of the Lyceum Theater in Duluth, MN. Parts of the building live on in a beautiful local garden. I was fortunate to be able to paint in the garden and included some of the stonework from the "Lyceum" name in the finished paintings. These paintings were recently rediscovered by me as I cleaned my studio. It would be better if people interested in theater or history could see them!

Who do you know who would enjoy them? Please feel free to send them a link to my blog, or contact me for a showing of the actual paintings.