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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Midwest Seasons Art Exhibit

Wausau, WI is four hours from where I live, and turns out to be an enjoyable place to visit. I was there for the opening reception of the Midwest Seasons Gallery Gala. I was able to visit galleries, an art museum, parks, attend the gala, and have dinner with a friend. There was a nice attendance at the event, and I was pleased to meet gallery owners, artists, and art enthusiasts.The Center for Visual Arts is in a friendly part of town, and the gallery space was airy and bright. The weather did not cooperate for painting outside (freezing drizzle-my least favorite weather!), but I did see plenty of inspiring scenes in town and on my drive home. Hopefully I'll be back to paint!

My painting "Shadow Dance", pastel, was well received by viewers. The show had quite a variety of media and styles and was enjoyable to view. I am honored to have been able to be a part of this fine event.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick oil sketch

Oil painting is a different creature than pastel painting. I've been doing pastels for many years, but am new at oils. When I envision a new painting, it's in pastel that I see it. But oils seem so luscious, too! So, I'm playing with my oil paints, doing small and very quick paintings. I have a stack of 6"x8" canvas covered panels. I've toned them with different colored under-paintings. I'm psyching myself up to just paint, not create a masterpiece (yet!). I set a time limit of 20-30 minutes, which means I have time most days to do one, and I hopefully won't get bogged down in details on the painting. The feel of the paint and mixing the colors is of most interest to me right now. I am using painting knives rather than brushes. I am using a subject that I'm familiar with, not altering the composition for this project. So, here is today's result!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Painting Competitions

Entering paintings into competitions and exhibits is a step in developing an art career. I have been entering and accepted for some years now, starting locally and expanding internationally. It is exciting to be accepted and to see your work exhibited with all the other beautiful paintings. And it's even better to win awards! It's always interesting to see which paintings win which awards and what the judge of that show considered worthy. It is not always obvious, but always a learning experience.

The latest competition I've been accepted into is outside of my usual venues: The Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau is sponsoring "Midwest Seasons". One of my favorite paintings will be exhibited there. Please visit if you are able! I plan on being at the reception on January 22, 5-7, then painting in the area on the following day.