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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Portraits in Pastel-Red Heads!

One of the first pastel papers to offer a waterproof and gritty surface was invented by a pastel artist named Kitty Wallis. The paper she now makes is called Wallis Paper, and it comes in a grey color and white. I started a red-head on the white version of this paper, with a toned underpainting. While designing the portrait, I had decided on a dark background, to show off her translucent skin. Toning the paper covers the the harshness of the white surface while allowing me to leave it lighter in places to allow to radiate through the skin. To tone the paper I covered it in pastel, dark where I wanted dark, and lighter where I wanted it lighter. I taped the paper to a firm surface and then brushed the entire surface with rubbing alcohol and a cheap brush (the sanded surface really eats the brush bristles). The paper is allowed to dry and is ready to be worked on.

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