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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Portraits in Pastel-Red Heads!

A question I was frequently asked about the red-heads was, "How do you find your subjects?" Finding people to paint for this project was part of the adventure. It seemed almost everyone knew someone who has red hair. Lots of adorable little girls! How to choose?!

 For the exhibit I wanted to include a variety of ages, males and females, child to adult. A nine year old boy was a little difficult to track down, but an acquaintance of a man my husband talked to put me in contact with his mother. I met a beautiful woman at a party, and she kindly agreed to pose. I drove to Cambridge to meet with the granddaughter of a friend of a friend, who was visiting from the Chicago area. There was a young man I sat next to at a charity dinner a few years ago who I knew I wanted to paint when I was ready to work on this project. I connected with him through the wife of one of my husband's coworkers. She also modeled for  the project. There is the roommate of my son at the Naval Academy, a local celebrity, the husband of a fellow artist, a dog, a shopper at a farmers' market, and today's model, a friend's sister's brother-in-law! I also had several photos emailed to me, but I wanted to limit the subjects to people I actually met in person.

The last touches go on the last painting TODAY!


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