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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Painting a dog portrait in Conté.

"Cloe" has been a big hit. She has such big brown eyes, and that look. Many pet owners have asked about having their pet painted, but are not ready to pay for a full portrait. Enter "Cloe", painted in Conté. Conté is pigment compressed into sticks, and is much harder in texture than pastels, which are also pigment compressed into sticks, but very soft in texture. Conté uses earth pigments and comes in a range of tones from black to white. Pastels use a full color spectrum of pigments and are much more expensive to make and take more skill to paint with them. I am also able to use Conté on less expensive paper. These factors help make a Conté sketch a lower priced option for portraits.

Contact me for details on how you can have that portrait you would enjoy so much. I am happy to be able to offer different options.

1 comment:

B Boylan said...

Your really captured the sweet personality of this dog. Very sweet indeed! Found you in the comments on Bill Cone's blog. Will be planning Handell's workshop in Portland next year, so looking forward to it.