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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Crop or not to Crop...the right size for a painting

While struggling with a painting that wasn't working the other day, a painting friend reminded me about the benefits of cropping. Today in my studio I dug through my stash of unresolved paintings and applied the crop theory. One was immediately improved, and is now ready to frame
("Lupine Field" ). Another I am still struggling with. Then I remembered that instead of playing around with pieces of cardboard to crop, I could use the computer. So here is the painting and some options. I even came up with a diptych option which I hadn't thought of earlier.

What do you think?


kwegler said...

Wow, that cropping approach is really effective! Now you have two lovely paintings.

Robin said...

Michelle - you probably don't remember me - I was a year or so younger than Brian. But I found you through a series of people on Facebook. Your work is lovely. I am an amateur photographer and the cropping you have done here is fascinating! I never thought of it with any of my photographs, but what a concept to make two out of one. Really beautiful work.

Robin Palmatier Gornell