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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick oil sketch

Oil painting is a different creature than pastel painting. I've been doing pastels for many years, but am new at oils. When I envision a new painting, it's in pastel that I see it. But oils seem so luscious, too! So, I'm playing with my oil paints, doing small and very quick paintings. I have a stack of 6"x8" canvas covered panels. I've toned them with different colored under-paintings. I'm psyching myself up to just paint, not create a masterpiece (yet!). I set a time limit of 20-30 minutes, which means I have time most days to do one, and I hopefully won't get bogged down in details on the painting. The feel of the paint and mixing the colors is of most interest to me right now. I am using painting knives rather than brushes. I am using a subject that I'm familiar with, not altering the composition for this project. So, here is today's result!

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