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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra (DSSO) Celebration Project

Two former posts demonstrated the creation of paintings inspired by the Earth Harp performance at the New Year's Eve 2013 performance, and the refrain, "Over the Lake."
As I listened to the Carmina Burana Suite performed on the Earth Harp, the vision of a dense  stand of trees echoed in my mind's eye.

The first painting to come from that inspiration was created while I was at this year's Winter Camp. Winter camp is a plein air painting event that's part of the Grand Marais Winter Festival. Artists gather at a wilderness camp, not accessible by road, and paint, outside, for up to a week. We haul our camping and painting gear across frozen West Bearskin Lake to beautiful Camp Menogyn. Happily there was plenty of snow for our paintings. And so much beauty and quiet. 

Into the Light

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