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Monday, January 28, 2013

Memories of Home

When I was initally consulted about painting a beautiful garden scene, I was torn between portraying the garden and flowers or portraying the garden and the river scene. It was decided between my client and me which painting I would do for her - the flowers. Once the painting of the garden with flowers was finished, I decided that I still had to paint the river scene. Water scapes and clouds are some of my favorite subjects to paint, so I knew I could find a home for the river scene painting.

I decided to make the river scene the same size as the flower scene. The flowers were kept to a minimum to emphasize the clouds and their reflections on the water. I also wanted to give this painting more of a feel of standing on the water's edge, so the flowers were included as a fringe at the viewer's feet.

The woman who originally contacted me to create the first painting purchased this painting. That was a pleasant and unexpected surprise! Now both she and her sister-in-law have memories of home in their own custom painting. I feel blessed and am thankful that I am able to use my skills to create paintings such as these that will stir memories and bring joy to the owners for many years.

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