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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plein Air Landscape Painting

Sometimes a painting and the artist need a little time away from each other to make things work.

This painting was started last August. I was driving along the North Shore looking for a painting spot. When I found the place I wanted, it started to rain, not hard, but hard enough to keep me under the hatch of my station wagon. It was a painting day, so I painted. As I painted the sky cleared. I grabbed a piece of pastel paper and worked to portray the beautiful cloud formations. Clouds move quickly, and so did I!

The little painting was put into a box and forgotten until this week when I discovered it while looking through unfinished work. Hmmmmm, not bad. All it needed was a few touches, and it's ready to be framed.

After the Rain II

Very similar to another painting I did from the back of my station wagon, After the Rain.

They will make a nice set hanging on someone's wall.

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